Radio Stations near the city of Crescent City CA.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
KJKL   88.7 FM K-Love - Positive and Encouraging Selma, OR Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
KMWR   90.7 FM Brookings, OR Phone Religious, Radio Website
KHSR   91.9 FM Humboldt State University Crescent City, CA Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
KCRE   94.3 FM Crescent City, CA Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio
KURY   95.3 FM Brookings, OR Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio
KPOD   97.9 FM Hot Country Crescent City, CA Phone Country, Radio Website
KSEP   99.9 FM Brookings, OR
KCNA   102.7 FM Cave Junction, OR Phone Oldies, Radio Website
KBCC   107.9 FM Cave Junction, OR Religious, Radio
KURY   910 AM Brookings, OR Phone Country, Radio
KPOD   1240 AM Hot Country Crescent City, CA Phone Country, Radio Website
KFVR   1310 AM Crescent City, CA Phone Oldies, Radio
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