Radio Stations near the city of Cresco IA.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
KLNI   88.7 FM KLNI 88.7 - Minnesota Public Radio Decorah, IA Phone News, Radio Website
KPVL   89.1 FM Postville, IA Variety, Radio
KLCD   89.5 FM KLCD 89.5 - Minnesota Public Radio Decorah, IA Phone Classical, Radio Website
KQOP   94.7 FM Charles City, IA
KCZE   95.1 FM 95.1 KCZE - The All New Chickasaw Country New Hampton, IA Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
KJCY   95.5 FM KJCY 95.5 - Know Jesus Cares For You Saint Ansgar, IA Religious, Radio Website
KCHA   95.9 FM The River 95.9 - Soft Rock, Less Talk Charles City, IA Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
KQYB   98.3 FM Spring Grove, MN Phone Country, Radio Website
KDEC   100.5 FM KDEC 100.5 FM Decorah, IA Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
KCZQ   102.3 FM Cresco, IA Phone Oldies, Radio
KFIL   103.1 FM Preston, MN Phone Country, Radio
KNEI   103.5 FM KNEI 103.5 - Today's Country Stars & Legends Waukon, IA Phone Country, Radio Website
KVGO   104.3 FM Spring Valley, MN Phone Oldies, Radio
KVIK   104.7 FM KVIK 104.7 - Oldies Radio K-Viking Gold Decorah, IA Phone Oldies, Radio Website
KYBA   105.3 FM Stewartville, MN Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
KROC   106.9 FM Rochester, MN Phone Top-40, Radio Website
KFIL   1060 AM Preston, MN Phone Country, Radio
KNEI   1140 AM ESPN Radio - K Sports 1140 KNEI Waukon, IA Phone Sports, Radio Website
KWLC   1240 AM Luther College Decorah, IA Phone College, Radio Website
KCHA   1580 AM Charles City, IA Phone Nostalgia, Radio
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