Radio Stations near the city of Moses Lake WA.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
KMLW   88.3 FM Moses Lake, WA Phone Religious, Radio Website
KLWS   91.5 FM Washington State University Moses Lake, WA Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
KULE   92.3 FM Ephrata, WA Phone Country, Radio
KTAC   93.9 FM Ephrata, WA Phone Religious, Radio
KZML   95.9 FM Quincy, WA Spanish, Radio
KRCW   96.3 FM Royal City, WA Phone Spanish, Radio Website
KWWW   96.7 FM Quincy, WA Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
KOLW   97.5 FM Othello, WA Oldies, Radio
KDRM   99.3 FM Moses Lake, WA Phone Hot AC, Radio
KWIQ   100.3 FM Moses Lake, WA Phone Country, Radio Website
KWLN   103.3 FM Wilson Creek, WA Spanish, Radio
KULE   730 AM Euphrata, WA Phone Talk, Radio
KTBI   810 AM Ephrata, WA Phone Religious, Radio
KWIQ   1020 AM Moses Lake North, WA Phone Sports, Radio Website
KWNC   1370 AM Quincy, WA Phone News, Radio Website
KRSC   1400 AM Othello, WA Phone Spanish, Radio
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