Radio Stations near the city of Owensboro KY.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
WNIN   88.3 FM Evansville, IN Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WKPB   89.5 FM Western Kentucky University Henderson, KY Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WSOF   89.9 FM WSOF-FM Christian Radio 89.9 FM Madisonville, KY Phone Religious, Radio Website
WKWC   90.3 FM Spreading the Gospel of Jesus through Music Owensboro, KY Phone Religious, Radio Website
WPSR   90.7 FM Evansville, IN Phone Grade School (K-12), Radio Website
WUEV   91.5 FM University of Evansville Evansville, IN Phone College, Radio Website
WJVK   91.7 FM Owensboro, KY Adult Contemporary, Radio
WBKR   92.5 FM 92.5 FM - Continuous Country WBKR Owensboro, KY Phone Country, Radio Website
WJPS   93.5 FM Chandler, IN Phone Oldies, Radio Website
WKTG   93.9 FM Power 93.9 - Classic Rock New Rock Best Rock Madisonville, KY Phone Classic Rock, Radio Website
WBIO   94.7 FM Philpot, KY Phone Country, Radio
WMSK   95.3 FM Morganfield, KY Phone Country, Radio
WSTO   96.1 FM Hot 96 FM - Todays Hit Music Owensboro, KY Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WXCM   97.1 FM Whitesville, KY Phone Rock, Radio
WWKY   97.7 FM Providence, KY
WQKZ   98.5 FM Ferdinand, IN Phone Country, Radio
WKDQ   99.5 FM 99.5 WKDQ 24 Carrot Country-The Tri-States Country Henderson, KY Phone Country, Radio Website
WBDC   100.9 FM Huntingburg, IN Phone Country, Radio Website
WBGW   101.5 FM Fort Branch, IN Phone Religious, Radio Website
WQXQ   101.9 FM Central City, KY Phone Top-40, Radio
WLME   102.9 FM Cannelton, IN Phone Oldies, Radio
WGBF   103.1 FM 103 GBF - The River City Rocker Henderson, KY Phone Rock, Radio Website
WAXL   103.3 FM Santa Claus, IN Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
WIKY   104.1 FM Evansville, IN Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
WXBC   104.3 FM Hardinsburg, KY Phone Country, Radio
WJLT   105.3 FM Evansville, IN Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
WKYA   105.5 FM Greenville, KY Phone Country, Radio
WTCJ   105.7 FM Tell City, IN Phone Top-40, Radio
WDKS   106.1 FM Newburgh, IN Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WXMZ   106.3 FM Hartford, KY Phone Country, Radio
WYFX   106.7 FM Mount Vernon, IN Phone Country, Radio
WYMV   106.9 FM Madisonville, KY Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio
WYXY   107.1 FM Boonville, IN Phone Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
WABX   107.5 FM Evansville, IN Phone Classic Rock, Radio Website
WFMW   730 AM Madisonville, KY Phone Country, Radio
WSWI   820 AM University of Southern Indiana Evansville, IN Phone Alternative, Radio Website
WSON   860 AM Henderson, KY Phone Nostalgia, Radio
WNES   1050 AM Central City, KY Phone Sports, Radio
WKCM   1160 AM Hawesville, KY Phone Gospel Music, Radio
WGAB   1180 AM Newburgh, IN Phone Gospel Music, Radio Website
WTCJ   1230 AM Tell City, IN Phone Nostalgia, Radio
WGBF   1280 AM Evansville, IN Phone News/Talk, Radio
WTTL   1310 AM Madisonville, KY Phone Oldies, Radio
WVHI   1330 AM Evansville, IN Phone Religious, Radio
WMTA   1380 AM Central City, KY Phone Gospel Music, Radio
WEOA   1400 AM Evansville, IN Phone Urban Contemporary, Radio
WVJS   1420 AM Owensboro, KY Phone Oldies, Radio
WOMI   1490 AM Owensboro, KY Phone Talk, Radio
WBNL   1540 AM Boonville, IN Phone Easy Listening, Radio Website
WMSK   1550 AM Morganfield, KY Phone Country, Radio
WRCY   1590 AM Mount Vernon, IN Phone Country, Radio
WAIA   1600 AM Beaver Dam, KY Phone Talk, Radio
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