Radio Stations near the city of Paducah KY.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
WTRT   88.1 FM Heartland Ministries Radio - Truth 88 Benton, KY Phone Religious, Radio Website
WBEL   88.5 FM American Family Radio – Something Good in the Air Cairo, IL Religious, Radio Website
WGCF   89.3 FM 89.3 FM WGCF - Where God Comes First Paducah, KY Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
WAAJ   89.7 FM Christian Hit Radio - The J-FM Benton, KY Phone Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
WHMR   90.1 FM Ledbetter, KY Religious, Radio
WVHM   90.5 FM Voice of Heartland Ministries - Southern Gospel Benton, KY Phone Religious, Radio Website
WKMS   91.3 FM Murray State University Murray, KY Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
WKYQ   93.3 FM 93.3 FM WKYQ - Todays 24 Carrot Country Paducah, KY Phone Country, Radio Website
WLIE   94.3 FM Country's Greatest Hits Golconda, IL Country, Radio Website
WQQR   94.7 FM Classic Rock 94.7 Double Q - WQQR FM Mayfield, KY Classic Rock, Radio Website
WCCK   95.7 FM Calvert City, KY Phone Country, Radio
WGKY   95.9 FM WGKY FM 96 Classic Country Wickliffe, KY Phone Country, Radio Website
WDDJ   96.9 FM Electric 96.9 - Todays Best Music for W Kentucky Paducah, KY Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WRIK   98.3 FM Today's Hits and Yesterday's Favorites - 98.3 Metropolis, IL Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
WCBL   99.1 FM Benton, KY Phone Oldies, Radio
WOOZ   99.9 FM WOOZ 99.9 - Z100 - Today's Best Country Harrisburg, IL Phone Country, Radio Website
WLLE   102.1 FM Willie 102.1 - Country's All Time Greatest Hits Clinton, KY Phone Country, Radio Website
WMJL   102.7 FM Marion, KY Phone Country, Radio
WFGE   103.7 FM Froggy 103 - The Best and Most Country Murray, KY Phone Country, Radio Website
KYMO   105.3 FM East Prairie, MO Phone Oldies, Radio
WREZ   105.5 FM 105.5 The Cat - The Best Mix of Today's Hit Music Metropolis, IL Phone Top-40, Radio Website
WZZL   106.7 FM Reidland, KY Phone Rock, Radio
WITB   107.1 FM Benton, KY Religious, Radio
WKYX   570 AM News Talk AM 570 WKYX Paducah, KY Phone News/Talk, Radio Website
WNTX   750 AM Brookport, IL Talk, Radio
WWLK   900 AM Eddyville, KY Phone Religious, Radio
WMOK   920 AM Metropolis, IL Phone Country, Radio
KYMO   1080 AM East Prairie, MO Phone Sports, Radio
WRKY   1130 AM Murray, KY Phone Oldies, Radio
WBCE   1200 AM Wickliffe, KY Phone Religious, Radio
WFUL   1270 AM Fulton, KY
WCBL   1290 AM Benton, KY Phone Country, Radio
WNGO   1320 AM News Talk AM 1320 WNGO Mayfield, KY News/Talk, Radio Website
WNBS   1340 AM Murray, KY Phone Talk, Radio
KCHR   1350 AM Charleston, MO Phone Country, Radio
WYMC   1430 AM Mayfield, KY Phone Nostalgia, Radio
WDXR   1450 AM News Talk AM 1450 WDXR Paducah, KY Phone News/Talk, Radio Website
WKRO   1490 AM Cairo, IL Phone Country, Radio
WMJL   1500 AM Marion, KY Phone Country, Radio
WPAD   1560 AM Paducah, KY Phone Nostalgia, Radio
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