Radio Stations near the city of Wellington KS.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
KYFW   88.3 FM Bible Broadcasting Network Wichita, KS Phone Religious, Radio Website
KLVV   88.7 FM Ponca City, OK Phone Religious, Radio Website
KMUW   89.1 FM Wichita State University Wichita, KS Phone Public Radio, Radio Website
KYWA   90.7 FM WAY FM 90.7 - Christian Hit Radio Wichita, KS Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
KAXR   91.3 FM American Family Radio – Something Good in the Air Arkansas City, KS Religious, Radio Website
KBDD   91.9 FM Winfield, KS Religious, Radio Website
KCCA   92.1 FM Anthony, KS Religious, Radio
KANR   92.7 FM KANR 92.7 - THE FLY Wichita's Alternative Radio Belle Plaine, KS Phone Alternative, Radio Website
KWME   93.5 FM Wellington, KS Phone Oldies, Radio
KDGS   93.9 FM Power 93.9 Andover, KS Phone Hip Hop, Radio Website
KICT   95.1 FM T95.1 FM - Pure Rock Wichita, KS Phone Rock, Radio Website
KSOK   95.9 FM Winfield, KS Phone Country, Radio Website
KZCH   96.3 FM Channel 96.3 Real Hits Right Now Derby, KS Top-40, Radio Website
KRBB   97.9 FM B98 - KRBB - FM 97.9 Wichita - The Right Mix Wichita, KS Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio Website
KFH   98.7 FM Hot Talk KFH 98.7FM Clearwater, KS Talk, Radio Website
KLOR   99.3 FM Ponca City, OK Phone Oldies, Radio
KSWC   100.3 FM Southwestern College Winfield, KS College, Radio
KFDI   101.3 FM Todays KFDI - Wichita's Country Favorites Wichita, KS Phone Country, Radio Website
KZSN   102.1 FM Kissin Country 102.1 FM - Wichita's Country Leader Hutchinson, KS Phone Country, Radio Website
KACY   102.5 FM KACY FM 102.5 Worlds Greatest Rock Arkansas City, KS Phone Rock, Radio Website
KEYN   103.7 FM Fun Oldies Wichita, KS Phone Oldies, Radio Website
KFXJ   104.5 FM 104.5 The Fox - The Best Classic Rock Augusta, KS Phone Classic Rock, Radio Website
KIXR   104.7 FM Ponca City, OK Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
KFBZ   105.3 FM 105.3 The Buzz Haysville, KS Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
KYQQ   106.5 FM Arkansas City, KS Phone Spanish, Radio
KTHR   107.3 FM 107.3 The Road - Wichita's Classic Rock Station Wichita, KS Classic Rock, Radio Website
KSJM   107.9 FM Winfield, KS Phone Urban Contemporary, Radio Website
KSGL   900 AM Wichita, KS Phone Religious, Radio
KFTI   1070 AM Todays KDFI - Wichita's Country Favorites Wichita, KS Phone Country, Radio Website
KLEY   1130 AM Wellington, KS Phone Talk, Radio
KFH   1240 AM Hot Talk KFH 1240AM Wichita, KS Phone Talk, Radio Website
KSOK   1280 AM Arkansas City, KS Phone Nostalgia, Radio
KNSS   1330 AM News Radio 1330 KNSS Wichita, KS Phone News/Talk, Radio Website
KMYR   1410 AM Wichita, KS Phone Nostalgia, Radio
KQAM   1480 AM Radio Disney. Your Music. Your Way Wichita, KS Phone Children's, Radio Website
KKLE   1550 AM Winfield, KS Phone Country, Radio
KOKB   1580 AM Blackwell, OK Phone Talk, Radio
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