Radio Stations near the city of West Plains MO.

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ID   Frequency Station Name City, State Phone Formats Website
KFFW   89.9 FM Cabool, MO Christian Contemporary, Radio Website
KSMW   90.9 FM Southwest Missouri State University West Plains, MO Public Radio, Radio Website
KSAR   92.3 FM Thayer, MO Phone Country, Radio
KELE   92.5 FM Mountain Grove, MO Phone Country, Radio
KKTZ   93.5 FM Lakeview, AR Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio
KSPQ   93.9 FM West Plains, MO Phone Classic Rock, Radio Website
KAMS   95.1 FM Mammoth Spring, AR Phone Country, Radio Website
KUPH   96.9 FM Mountain View, MO Phone Hot AC, Radio Website
KTLO   97.9 FM Mountain Home, AR Phone Nostalgia, Radio Website
KOZX   98.1 FM Cabool, MO Phone Talk, Radio
KFCM   98.3 FM Cherokee Village, AR Phone Nostalgia, Radio
KUNQ   99.3 FM Houston, MO Phone Country, Radio
KMAC   99.7 FM Gainesville, MO Phone Adult Contemporary, Radio
KUKU   100.3 FM Willow Springs, MO Phone Oldies, Radio Website
KHOM   100.9 FM Salem, AR Phone Country, Radio
KKDY   102.5 FM West Plains, MO Phone Country, Radio Website
KPFM   105.5 FM Mountain Home, AR Phone Country, Radio Website
KBMV   107.1 FM Birch Tree, MO Phone Top-40, Radio
KOMT   107.5 FM Mountain Home, AR Phone Nostalgia, Radio
KTLO   1240 AM Mountain Home, AR Phone Country, Radio Website
KALM   1290 AM Thayer, MO Phone Gospel Music, Radio
KUKU   1330 AM Willow Springs, MO Phone Talk, Radio
KELE   1360 AM Mountain Grove, MO Phone Sports, Radio
KWPM   1450 AM West Plains, MO Phone Talk, Radio
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